Tuesday , September 26 2023


Tradesmen Use Impressive Domino Technique To Lay Bricks

Before the four bricklayers started filming they perfectly lined the bricks along the already built wall like dominoes Then as the camera begins to role one of them nudges one of the end bricks, sending the others cascading forward. They all fall one-by-one in a perfect line, until the last …

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Seniors Show The World Who They REALLY Are In This Touching Video

Seniors in our society are overlooked, misunderstood and ignored when they should be honored, valued and respected. Start Seeing Seniors. Be part of the movement. #WishConnect inspiring individuals to start seeing seniors in a new light. By sharing these stories, WOL aims to be a catalyst for change on how …

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9-Year-Old Musician Proves She’s A Child Prodigy On The Harp

Harpist and family friend Olga Shevelevich first spotted the young girl’s talent when she showed Alisa Sadikova a musical piece that the five-year-old started playing right away on the harp. Sadikova may only be 9-years-old in this video but she plays as though she has been playing the harp for …

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Little Girl Comes Home From School With The New Jacket

This little girl came home from school with a new jacket and she handled her dad’s interrogation like a pro. Dad: Where did you buy it from? Mila: From the jacket store. Dad: And how much did you pay for it? Mila: Five. Dad: Five what? Mila: Five monies. Mila’s …

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