Thursday , December 7 2023

Celine Dion And Elvis Duet On ‘If I Can Dream’ Is A Dream Come True

With modern technology everything is possible.We can create monsters,goblins, whole movies or even bring back old stars that are not with us any longer.

Take for instance the Fast & Furious series how they finished the movie without their actor being present.

In 2007 they brought back Elvis ” to life” when they remastered his famous song ” If I can dream ” with Celine Dion.

OK wait,what? I thought yes it is a good song,but did they really sang together? I was thinking about if it is possible or not. Than i thought about the age difference. No,it is not possible. So how did they do it?

They aired in an American Idol episode. It was not easy to make it though.

How they did it is through various recordings and video editing.

First they recorded Celine several times singing and looking at her side where Elvis will be.

Next she did the same routine with an Elvis double lip-syncing and recreating the moves from the original footage of 1968.

Lastly all 3 footage – Celine alone,Celine with Elvis double and the original footage was edited together with a technique called rotoscoping.