Tuesday , September 26 2023

They Traveled For 1300 Miles And Bought 17.700 Bottles Of Hand Sanitizer – Now They Are Forced To Donate All Of It

While the world is in constant fear due to the COVID-19 pandemic, two brothers from Hixson, Tennessee made the headlines. Namely, Matt and Noah Colvin recently bought almost 18.000 bottles of hand sanitizer from every store they could find, traveling 1,300 miles in the process. They wanted to profit from the current situation and sell those bottles at much larger prices.

They thought of a scheme, to buy these sanitizers for a few bucks per bottle, then selling them on Amazon for $8-70 per bottle!

However, the staff at Amazon noticed this scheme and quickly put down their huge inventory from the site. They based this action on deliberate profiteering during times of national emergency.

When the Attorney General’s Office heard of the brothers’ price deal, they ordered them to donate everything to charity.

What do you think of them? Is this humane or not? See what people will say when you show it to them.