Thursday , December 7 2023

Veteran With PTSD Goes For Last Smoke Before Committing Suicide, Then Noise Came From The Bushes

It is a story of a soldier who came back from war after having suffered a brain injury when a mortar exploded next to him. This shock and the war itself gave him PTSD, which drove him to a very dark place.

One day after a PTSD episode, he was about to commit suicide, but he was save by this little kitten. He started to take care of him,giving food everyday to the poor thin.

Actually he later realized that they were taking care of eachother.

But suddenly, his new friend disappeared. The kitten was nowhere to be found.

The story goes on as i can’t be the end right? They will find each other again at a very important moment in their life.

It is a story worth telling.